Earlier this month, Chemtrac exhibited at the 23rd Annual Southwest Chemistry Workshop (SWCW), at the Wyndham Bayside Hotel in San Diego, CA. There were 160 attendees, including approximately 100 chemistry and engineering related personnel from over 20 different power plants.

On display were the PC4400 Particle Counter, the PM2500 Particle Monitor, and the HydroACT 600 multi-parameter analyzer with a Free Chlorine Sensor. Chemtrac is continuing to promote all of their products in the Power Industry, with a focus on the reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment, and corrosion product transport monitoring applications. The Chemtrac PC3400 Particle Counter can play an instrumental role in pre-RO filter performance monitoring, and optimization.  And the PC4400, with the ppb volumetric concentration reporting capability, was developed specifically for corrosion monitoring.

Looking ahead to the 2015 SWCW in Colorado, Chemtrac hopes to present a paper on their ongoing corrosion studies and iron oxide particulate correlations.