At the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP) Annual Conference & Expo in Savannah, GA, July 20 -22, Chemtrac will exhibit a new line of automatic controllers for optimizing coagulation and filtration.

Recognizing the growing concern for TOC and DBP reduction, Chemtrac’s new on-line analyzer offerings include a redesigned streaming current sensor (DuraTrac 4)UV 254 organics monitor, pH, free and total chlorineparticle detection, and biofilm sensors.  Complementing their new line of instruments and controllers, Chemtrac has state-certified training courses for all of their equipment, hosted by your facility, and fine-tuned to your plant’s daily operations.

Accompanying Chemtrac is Alonzo Mancilla, Sales Manager with AquaSummit.  Aquasummit offers water analyzers, flow control instrumentation, calibration services, training, and expertise with all of Chemtrac’s new instrumentation.  Please stop by Booth 316 in Savannah, and sign-up for a free, no-obligation trial, of Chemtrac’s new HydroACT 600 with on-line UV 254 analyzer.