Joe Zimmerman, who leads Chemtrac’s sales efforts in the Power Industry, was recently invited to speak at a Condensate Polishing Conference in Xi’an, China. The meeting was held on April 24th and 25th and was sponsored by the Thermal Power Research Institute (TPRI).

In the last year, TPRI has used particle counters (PC3400 and PC4400) in studies at 10 different power plants.  So Joe’s presentation, “On-line Particle Counters in the Thermal Power Plant,” was of great interest to them. He covered utilizing particle detection in optimizing pre-RO filtration, monitoring corrosion product transport in the steam condensate cycle, and detecting resin leakage downstream of condensate polishers.

There were 57 people in attendance, which included TPRI engineers and chemists, as well as representatives from over 20 power plants in China.  Joe, and Dr. Andrew Howell of Xcel Energy were the only two Americans to present at the conference.

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