Depending on your charge analysis needs, the LCA5 will be available with different options in several different configurations.

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Model Configurator


Automatic Pump Titration Configuration

0 = No Automatic Titration

1 = One Titrant Pump (Coagulant Only)

2 = Two Titrant Pumps (Coagulant & Buffer)

Syringe Pump Upgrade(1)

0 = No

1 = Yes

pH with Temp(2)

0 = No

1 = Yes

Example: LCA5.2201 comes with 2 automatic solenoid micro-pumps (one for coagulant and one for buffer), and also includes pH and Temperature measurement capability.

(1): Syringe pump upgrade is required when chemical supplier states their coagulant should not be diluted, as is the case with some pre-hydrolyzed coagulants.

(2): pH w/Temp option is required if LCA5 is configured with two titrant pumps.  Note: Some applications will require the LCA5 to have two titrant pumps for sample pH adjustment capability in order to ensure accurate results.  Contact Chemtrac for details.