In order to get the most out of your Streaming Current analyzers, it is imperative to keep up with any maintenance needs for the probes and pistons. This means periodic cleaning and eventual replacement. We have posted four new “How-to Videos” to help out when it is time to clean, or replace, the probe and piston.

Over time, the online streaming current sensors can become less responsive, and the gain settings may need to be increased significantly in order to get a better response. Also the charge readings may become less stable. Typically, cleaning the probe and piston will improve the results. So it is good to set up a routine cleaning schedule. Some plants do it weekly, and others monthly…it just depends on the water conditions, the chemical doses, deposit tendencies, etc. Look for the DT4 cleaning video or the DT3 cleaning video for guidance.

When it gets to the point where cleaning just doesn’t improve the response (after several months, or a year, or longer), the following videos show how to replace the probe sleeve and how to replace the piston.

Look for more videos in the coming months.