Routine cleaning is essential for a streaming current monitor to work properly.   Therefore, plant operators desire a unit that is easy to clean, uses a good cleaning agent, and has a quick recovery of the streaming current reading after the cleaning is complete.

A 1:1 solution of hydrogen peroxide (approx. 5%) and acetic acid (common household vinegar) offers plant operators a simple and safe alternative to harsh cleaners.   A simple spray bottle and brush are all that is needed for a cleaning that takes less than 10 minutes to dissolve iron, manganese, and permanganate stains from the flow cell.

Cleaning Steps:

  • Remove probe, piston and flow cell from the SCM.
  • Spray these pieces with 1:1 solution and allow the solution to set for a couple of minutes.
  • Brush the probe and piston before reassembling.
  • After reassembly, start process flow to rinse the unit and establish a correct reading.

Chemtrac is interested in your comments and experience using the 10-minute method.   Please contact us by calling 800-442-8722 and asking for Mark Vandiver.