Chemtrac was proud to exhibit at the 2014 Water Quality Technology Conference in New Orleans. A longtime supporter of WQTC, Chemtrac is one of just seven companies that have exhibited at this industry-leading technical conference for over 20 years.

At the booth, they showcased the soon-to-be-released, new-and-improved bench-top charge analyzer (which will replace the CCA3100). The laboratory charge analyzers are used to quickly determine the optimum coagulant dosage and minimize the need for jar testing.  This next generation lab unit can also incorporate an optional pH probe, allowing the operator to monitor the pH of the sample being tested in real time. Maintaining the proper pH while titrating the raw water sample to a neutral charge (using the customer’s coagulant) is very important in determining the optimum coagulant dosage.  More information on the new laboratory charge analyzer will be available on the Chemtrac website soon.

Chemtrac also featured the new PC5000 Portable Particle Counter, which can be used as a laboratory grab sample analyzer, or as an on-line analyzer.

Other products displayed included the reagent-less chlorine analyzer and the coagulation optimization system which consists of the HydroACT 600, DuraTrac 4 Streaming Current SensorUV1 Organics Monitor, and pH probe.  The HydroACT multi-parameter analyzer platform allows the customer to pick and choose from various sensors to develop a more comprehensive monitoring and control solution when it comes to tracking water quality changes and adjusting