Chemtrac recently conducted a four-hour training class for Water Wastewater Education & Training (WWET), in Henderson, NV. There were over 50 attendees from the local area.

The group was mostly composed of operators from the City of Henderson, Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD), Southern Nevada Water Authority(SNWA), and Southern Nevada Water Services (SNWS).

The Chemtrac training class consisted of three individual presentations:

  • Filter performance monitoring using particle counts and turbidity
  • Determining and maintaining optimum coagulant dosage using charge measurement
  • Monitoring chlorine residual levels using the latest generation three-electrode amperometric technology

The training was well received by those in attendance.  The WWET training coordinator, Brett Goodnow, had the following to say, “Chemtrac’s training was probably the best I have seen on those subjects.  I found it very interesting that turbidity and particle counts do not always correlate. It was my impression that they would always complement each other. We had particle counters for years and now realize we did not fully understand their operating parameters, strengths, and limitations.  Over the years we have had coagulation problems and filter performance issues that we could not figure out, but the information we received from your class really opened my eyes to some of those issues.”

Chemtrac would like to thank all of those who came out for the training.  Chemtrac will be returning to Las Vegas for the AWWA CA/NV Annual Fall Conference in October to give a presentation titled, “Using Laboratory Charge Measurement for Quickly Determining Optimum Coagulant Dosage.”